Ten Smartphone Apps for Financial Advisors

Smartphones are ever-increasing in popularity with nearly one out of three U.S. mobile phone owners having a smartphone device. With the ever-increasing technology, they are becoming more and more apart of our everyday lives. These smartphones are being used for almost anything that you can imagine from entertainment, social networking, news, and checking the markets through various different applications (apps). Apps are benefitting owners of Android, iPhone, Palm, Blackberry and Windows smartphones with each having its own unique store to acquire these apps. Not all apps are built and programmed for each operating system, however many of the larger applications are universal to all. Games are probably the most popular to download but apps are also starting to help companies increase productivity. Some of the more valuable apps for business include apps that help with travel, organization, social networking, finance, and news. As the chart below demonstrates, Blackberry has been the frontrunner in the smartphone business world because of its well-known security features. The Apple iPhone has always been known as the leader in the app world, and with the recent expansion of its available mobile networks, we should see it gain additional market share. Android, because of its open licensing agreement with phone manufacturers, has taken over as the top smartphone operating system.

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